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by NJA3d | 3 March 2011

Milestone Final Image


"The Little Match Girl"

last minute!!!

there are still some things i would and will change, but generally i'm satisfied with the result :)


I'm sure most of you know the fairy tale "The Little Match Girl" by Hans Christian Andersen.

Well, my story begins when this one ends.

When the last match is out, and there is nothing else to keep her warm in this cold winter night.

When she finally closes her eyes and drifts in her last ice cold dream ...

Here, in this dream, she will take her last stand fighting off cold, but we all now how this dream is going end ...

Fun fact,

last three days it was snowing like crazy here in Serbia, and they say that it will stop tonight and we can expect better weather tomorrow.

This is cool because little match girl was a story i tried to do so many times, (i think i started the first one for the B-movie challenge), and it’s like she’s been cheering for me to finish it these last few days.


And now with completion of this illustration i have a feeling I’ve finally put her soul to rest :)

I had such a great time creating this one, and i truly hope you guys like it.

there are some awesome works out there so, GOOD LUCK TO ALL AND SEE YOU NEXT TIME!!! :):):)


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