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by djamadj | 3 March 2011

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Ustodesign Team:

Jama Jurabaev - Concept art, Mattepainting, 3D modeling, Animation, Composing, VFX

Azam Hasanov - Animation, Composing, VFX, Music composing, Sound Editing

Iskandar Mirzoganiev - Shot set-ups, VFX, Concept art, Mattepainting

Ulugbek Halilov - Photography, Rotoscoping, Composing, Shot set-ups

Dmitriy Ten - Animation, Camera mapping, 3D modeling,

Sadikjan Tairov - Modeling,Camera mapping, Texturing, Rotoscoping

Merdod Gaffori - Voiceover (Narrator)

Khurshed Isamov - Voiceover (Dispatcher)

Javod Rajabov - Actor and voiceover (Pilot)

Jovid Ruziev - Sound mixing and editing

Vitaliy Zavadsky - Music composing

Special thanks to our workmates who really helped us with other projects while we were busy with this challenge.

Thanks to Gordon Tarpley who kindly sent us seaside footage.

Huge thanks to our families who supported us.

We also wanted to give a credit to Andrew Kramer,

great guy, whose tutorials and jokes gave as a lot of hints how to create an animation.

List of resources that we used in our short movie:

Textures from

Footages from Action Essential 2

Final Video Milestone

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