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by thejoji | 26 February 2011

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It's finally done! Thank you to my very talented team members! This could not have been done without your help. This was a very fun project to work on and I hope you enjoy it :)


Directed by Joji Tsuruga


Animation: David Han

Environment Texturing: Jina Lee

Character Texturing: Yongchan Kim

Music/SFX: Ihsu Yoon

All other roles: Joji Tsuruga

Special Thanks To:

Anca Risca, Franck Naranjo, Joe Burrascano, Cat Gulacsy and all other who supported me and kept me motivated throughout the project!!

I would also like to give an extra special thanks to Nathan Love and The Mill for allowing me to use their resources, workstations and render farms! This project would have been impossible to finish without all that render power. THANK YOU!

Final Video Milestone

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