CGChallenge XXVI - Dreamscape

CGChallenge XXVI - Dreamscape
21 November 2010 - 3 March 2011

dream·scape (drmskp IPA)


A dreamlike scene or picture having surreal qualities.

Sleep transports you to a new reality; where realms are conjured from your greatest hopes, deepest secrets or even your darkest fears.

You are challenged to create, via a still image or video, a dreamscape of boundless possibilities, which will amaze and inspire the world. You can use any style, from comic to photorealistic, and any subject matter that you can dream up.

Lie back, close your eyes, and enjoy the ride as we leave the cold reality of waking life and enter the Dreamscape.

The Dreamscape artwork is 'Riverside' by Arthur Haas taken from Ballistic Publishing's Expose 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I need a paid CGConnect membership?

    Not at all! Our CGChallenges are open to all CGTalkers. If you don't already have a free account, get one here.
  • Q: Because of hardware limitations, is it ok to render a part and use it as a background, or render in "layers" and composite it all together later?

    Yes. This is how professionals work -- you should use every tool and technique availble in the best way possible.
  • Q: Any problems if I do it with a student license of Maya?

    If it is watermarked then yes. Otherwise, no.
  • Q: Is it ok to use vray, RenderMan or 3rd party renderers for rendering?

    Yes -- you are free to use any software you like.
  • Q: While I know its ok to use 2D textures in this 3D it going to be ok to use a 2D element as a back drop? Like a a matte painting?

    Yes. You should always use every tool that is apropriate in the best way possible.
  • Q: Are we allowed to use web downloaded textures?

    Yes, but you must credit everything you use. Anyone caught not crediting material, contributors or inspirational works will be disqualified.
  • Q: What deliverables are there for an image entry?

    At least one submission for each milestone including a final image of around 2560 x 1600 pixels, or similar.
  • Q: Can I use a trial version of a software?

    Yes. We don't care. The final image must not have watermarks on it.
  • Q: Can I use Poser, Daz 3D or pre-fabricated models?

    Yes. This is no different from using your own pre-built models or the parametric models now availble in most 3D systems. However you should add significant creative input to make the models and results unique.
  • Q: Are random or parametric terrain and foliage/plant generation software (Bryce/Vue/Terragen) allowed?

  • Q: How early do I have to start submitting milestones?

    As early as possible. Although there is no due date earlier than the final closing date, part of the final judging vote puts emphasis on Community Interaction, which means that people who 'hold back' their work in progress till the last minute can be penalized.
  • Q: Can we work in teams? What about pairs?

    Yes, teams can submit to the video category. See also the Looking For Group thread.
  • Q: I'm using a new email but the challenge keeps sending stuff to my old one. How do I fix that?

    You go into CGTalk's UserCP (User Control Panel) and change your email address there. If you still have problems, email us.
  • Q: What if I am a winner and I want a different prize? E.g. What if I win the Grand Prize but I want the Runner Up prize instead?

    You can contact the other winner with the prize that you want, and ask if they want to do an exchange. What you guys do with your prizes is up to you, and we're not going to be involved in it.
  • Q: How do I actually enter the competition?

    To join the challenge, you need to be a registered CGTalk Member.
    Go to the challenge webpage and click the green "JOIN CHALLENGE" button to enter.
    Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions the join button will change to a yellow "UPLOAD ENTRY" button, allowing you to submit your WIPs and final images.
  • Q: How can I get out of this challenge?

    Just stop submitting.
  • Q: Can I have multiple entries?

    Not in a single challenge.
  • Q: Can I upload my WIP images to my own server? Is that counted?

    No. Please use the Challenge site facility to upload your Work-In-Progress. It allows us to track the entries properly, and guarantee continued hosting of all images.
  • Q: What deliverables are there for a video entry?

    At least one submission for each milestone including a 30 second trailer, 'making of' and the final video, in standard definition (854×480 pixels)