TornadoTwins Game Challenge

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TornadoTwins Game Challenge
7 July 2013 - 22 October 2013

TornadoTwins; youtube’s number one game development channel, is partnering with CGSociety to host a global game challenge for the world’s top 3D artists.

Accomplished 3D artists are enabled to turn their art into a complete first person shooter using FPS Control, the Twins’ plugin for the Unity Game Engine.

It is unique in bringing artificial intelligence, weapons and interactive worlds to life, without the need of a development team. Participating artists will create up to 2 minutes of gameplay.

The finished games will be exported to unity3d format for play in the browser, so that all competition viewers and judges can easily play the finished games

- Final game: (include game preview image.)
- At least 2 WIPs (can be images, videos, or unity3d files)

Proudly Presented by Full Sail University


It used to be impossible…

…but now you can create a first person shooter in less than 3 months. FPS Control is the brain behind your game. Feed it your weapon-art, enemies, and level maps. Before you know it, you’ll be blasting and slashing your own creations to pieces.

Get ready to create up to two minutes of game-play. The tutorials, free sound effects, animations and textures will give you a running start.

Excel in one, or all seven categories to win. Now why are you still reading? Let's make a game!

Step 1: enlist

Join the ranks of the game design olympics. We’ll ammo-you-up with free access to:

Step 2: Download Free Stuff

Step 3: Make A Game With FPS Control

Step 4: Blow Minds & Melt Faces

Here are all the tutorials you’ll need to be dangerous. Use them well!

Setting up your 3d modeling application

Tweaking Game-Play