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Final Game - Game Challenge

by Dr.J | 21 October 2013


** click on the image to play! **

** please note that the preview image is my beauty render.**

This is my final entry - Outbreak : Prologue. There have been moments where I wanted to tear my hair out over things that didn't work the way I expected them to but I am very happy with the final result. Please open the game in a new tab, turn your speakers up, right click -> go fullscreen and I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did making it!


Johnny Wong - game design, environment and weapons modelling, weapon animation, voice acting.

Carol Cheng - high poly character model, UI design.

Albert Morrissey - rigging, low poly character model, environment models.

Textures by GameTextures.com

Garbage texture by indraprase , from DeviantArt.

Zombie animations by Mixamo.com (just realised that this was left out in the credits page :( )

Music (from FreeMusicArchive.org):

Nasienie - Insomnia

Nasienie - Ghost In The Room

SFX mixed with samples from FreeSound.org.

Note: the following are known issues that I haven't been able to solve at the time of submission:

- you need to press esc to show the mouse cursor when using menus

- breathing sound when on low health doesn't stop after you die

- sometimes animations lock up and you won't be able to use the weapon you're holding - if this happens sprint or switch to your other weapon then back

- there are some stability issues when playing with the web player, the game has never crashed in editor before.

Finally, thank you TornadoTwins and all the other sponsors for holding this competition! I had a great time!

Enjoy and good luck to all the other contestants!

Final Game Milestone

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