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Final Game - Game Challenge

by Stonebot | 22 October 2013



Finger Person Shooter

Agent K.I.D. is on duty; his mission, protect the base and keep headmaster agent M.O.M. safe from all external threats. Out there, other agents are ready to attack, and only K.I.D. can save the day.

From the perspective of a very unique and imaginative kid; he and his imagination are up to live a fantastic adventure to save the planet with the tip of your fingers.

The Stonebot Studio

As a studio, this is the first time we produce a complete 3D game and our first time using Unity. We can only say, it’s been a heck of a ride. Going through all the process and see the game come alive has been a really unique experience. We are definitely planning to use this tool in the production of future games.

Thanks to Tornado Twins for this cool tool and challenge, hope to see more from you.

Original Music: Xavier Salvador

3D Artist/GameDesign: Victor Velado

2D Artist: Ivan Anaya, Edgardo Najarro, Fito Velado

GameDesign/Leader: Jesus Andrade

Dev. Support : Zhonghua Oscar Liu

Voice Actress: Vanesa Martinez

CatVoices: The Stonebot Team

and to all The Stonebot team members, who contributed to this project.

Final Game Milestone

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