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Final Game - Game Challenge

by daelon | 23 October 2013


The Escape: Final Entry

This is my entry for the Game Challenge, as you can see is quite heavy. I worked so fast and its not very well optimized. Is also not finished. I've been working hard and with some help but Im no programmer so I had to guess what is all this stuff about. Sometimes is easy, sometimes not. Anyway There was a pretty bigger story behid this entry. (gameplay doesn't work very fine but I wish you guys like it anyway)

Some credits:

Elías Lerma (me) with all the artistic stuff and some scripting too.

Christian Fernando Perucci: music

Álvaro Enriquez: help with many scripts.

Some textures from CGTextures, GameTextures and some of the sounds are from freesfx.co.uk.

www.daelonik.com for some extended process images & videos.

Thanks for all the support & feedback with the comments!

Final Game Milestone

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