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Final Game - Game Challenge

by steven-moreno | 23 October 2013


Hey Guys!

Here is my final entry. It was really fun to work on this project. Hope you guys enjoy it as well! Try to get to the boss fight, you might get a surprise! A special thanks to all challenge sponsors for this great opportunity! The game might take a little to load, be patient!

The game takes place in a distant future. Take the role of a bounty hunter and face down your enemies! This bounty takes you to planet Sorr, where you have to face the terrible Morkk'Sul!

Fight your way to the poisoned caverns and end with this blight to collect your reward!


Left click to fire.

WASD for movement.

Q for melee.

G for grenades.

E to pick up.

1 & 2 for weapons.


Models: Steven Moreno

Textures: Steven Moreno,,

Coding: Steven Moreno, using TornadoTwins FPS Plugin as the core.

SFX: Steven Moreno, Unity technologies,,

Music Tracks:

Inspired by games like Halo and Battlefield.

Final Game Milestone

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