Kreola After Earth - Digital Matte Painting Challenge

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Kreola After Earth - Digital Matte Painting Challenge
10 September 2013 - 11 November 2013

To celebrate the launch of d’artiste: Matte Painting 3, CGSociety challenges the world’s matte painters to create a stunning matte based on a plate by Milan Schere (one of the authors of our latest book).

The aim is to bring his personal project "Kreola After Earth: Phantom Memories" to life. It is a steam-punk science fiction tale, revolving around a human girl on an alien planet who is caught between the lines at the brink of a war. As the external story arch develops, we gradually discover more about Yuki's past along the way, ultimately placing her into a key position within the upcoming revolution.

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Create a locked-off establishing matte based on the provided plate. Treat the matte painting as clean-plate without animation elements. Convey a feeling of the city extending into infinity. Retain as much from the plate however much you find necessary to communicate the proper look, and improve the overall appearance of the shot by utilizing Matte Painting techniques. Your goal should be a production quality Styleframe still ready to be presented to the director for approval.

All Work In Progress must be uploaded to the Digital Matte Painting Forum. Only the Final Image needs to be uploaded here.

Excerpt from the Kreola script

Rirei walks out to the open balcony and takes in the mesmerizing street view of Flussdorf's upper middle class section. The ancients built Flussdorf on two opposing cliff faces above the river. The gorge drops about 200m deep below and the houses are seamlessly carved into the rock. The lively appearance of the neighborhood resembles an old Tunisian Suk. Naturally, today's society on Kreola wouldn't remember any particulars of a market bazaar, nor planet Earth itself. Since the first generation of humans born on Kreola, especially the inhabitants within the walls of Flussdorf, have evolved into a multicultural community, understanding the need for one another, as the city itself expanded in every direction along the canyon.

Besides the significantly hot weather, the most memorable characteristic of this overgrown settlement is its unique ambiance with all the noise, smell and busy buzzing about. Motivated by a deep inner feeling of belonging, Rirei began to smile, while the direct afternoon sun started to dance a well-known ritual on her already warm skin.


Use your real name.
Please post WIP and document your steps on the Digital Matte Painting Forums. (Please note that WIPs are an integral part of the challenge, and your contributions will be taken into account during the Judging process). Judges will be checking regularly and answering questions. This is an organic challenge, meaning if you have further questions feel free to interact. We encourage you to communicate your thoughts and ideas openly.
Submit your final entry to the challenge using the "UPLOAD ENTRY" button.


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