MODO: Time Travel Challenge

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MODO: Time Travel Challenge
22 July 2014 - 24 September 2014

The year is 2055 and the impossible just became possible.

Galaxy-wide technology giant, The Foundry, called a press conference last night to announce a universe-changing product innovation due for release in 2 months time.

The new product, codenamed ‘TIME’, manipulates the spatial continuum and enables users to travel back and forth from one era to another, without any restrictions.

You are part of an inner circle that has been trusted by The Foundry with restricted additional information about this top secret project. You have exclusive knowledge of how this new invention works, what it looks like and what it’s capable of.

Your mission, is to convince the public that TIME will change their lives and that The Foundry is the only company that should be trusted with this type of significant leap in technology, before the competition attempts to counter strike.

You must use MODO 801 to visualize the product ‘TIME’ and/or create a consumer friendly advertisement to sell this groundbreaking technology to the masses.

You will be able to download an extended MODO 801 trial for the duration of the challenge and enter in one or more of the following categories:

- Product Design
- Print Advertising
- TV Advertising

If successful, the rewards will be great.

TIME is ticking. You have until 22nd September 2014 to submit.


Life changing prize pools
The total prize pool is worth a whopping $35,000 and includes prizes from NVIDIA, Wacom, Makerbot, Video Co-Pilot and more. Winners will also be featured in a variety of publications depending on the category they win.

High profile judges
Industry elite that will judge the contest include renowned creature designer, Neville Page, product designer, Harald Belker, President at Quirky, Doreen Lorenzo, digital illustrator, Tim Cooper as well as The Foundry’s own 3D evangelist, Brad Peebler.