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Final Entry - Multiple Categories

by inklight | 19 September 2014

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Final 30 Second TV Ad (audio adjusted)

• Final delivery could also include a one minute "director's cut" for viral extended application.

Final 30 Second TV Ad Strategy:

Use Modo for as many different things as possible. (To demonstrate this, please see the list of what was integrated into the 3 submissions)

I wanted to add the challenge of creating the whole thing from the 30 sec spot, the print ad to an actual physical product in a "timely fashion". Since TIME is the focus I wanted to see how much time it would take to create a compelling offering economically in a real world "in house" environment. As of the date of this entry, everything was completed with more then a week to spare before the competition deadline. This is what makes Modo great for any visualizing application. I was able to learn and apply way more then I ever did with my previous Modo knowledge and gained the confidence that Modo was the best choice for this specific application and it excites me to move forward.

• 1st Animation:

- I used the existing foundry branding to extend the value to the TIME logo, backwards clock animation and to the TIME machine itself.

- Used Print Ad model to create animation.

- Used existing stock video footage for texturing the sky to create an environment, lighting support and time reversal.

- Utilized stock footage as an animated displacement maps for the time/space distortion fx under the TIME machine.

- Created animated ripple displacement map for TIME machine.

- I used shared content desert floor from the Modo community asset portal.

- Used support volumetric (point) lighting glow around the TIME ship.

- Lens distortion for dramatic take-off tension and dimensional warping.

• 2nd Animation:

- Used Print Ad model to create animation of "luxury car" glam shots.

• 3rd Animation

- Used support volumetric lighting glow for final wipe to The Foundry logo.

- Used existing footage I had for the 2 circular screens added to the chair.

• Minimal fx added in After Effects:

- Type treatment motion design from illustrator Print Ad design.

- Ramping random jitter to take-off animation.

- Subtle displacement to air around TIME machine for heat / plasma effect.

• Original music score was created in Logic and sound fx from my stock foley library.

Final Entry Milestone

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