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by inklight | 18 September 2014

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3D Print Production (with turntable video)

3D model glamor shot - with metallic finish.

3D print Strategy:

This was the last task to create a print model from the existing assets. After inspecting the model, I wasn't happy with the mesh weight and repairs were not time effective since 3D printing could be adversely effected.

I decided to use Modo's retopology tool to recreate the outer spheroid and satellites and I am very glass I did. The model is light and clean.

- I used a modified pilot chair from the Modo asset library.

- Used the retopology tool to cleanup Mesh Fusion booleans and prep model for printing.

- I took MakerBot's suggestion and exaggerated / sculpted in some detail like the drop levying the core hull.

- I created a box like most action figures and collectable models, they come in cool packaging.

- I also created a one pager brochure sci-fi technology back story to extend the concept and as a "value added".

TIME 3D print could ship:

• in "The Foundry." branded box

[ ]

• with poster of the TIME ad

[ ]

• with poster style "1 pager" TIME feature highlights

[ ]

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