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Final Entry - Multiple Categories

by kwaredesign | 24 September 2014

Milestone Final Entry


Product Design | 6th Sense/Navi Visor: This is the final stage...

The year is 2055 and the impossible just become possible. The world-wide technology giant, Foundry Corp announces a universal innovation due to release in the near future. This new invention codenamed: TIME, manipulates space-time continuum and enables users to travel back and forth time without restrictions. Now is the time to make the world events part of your backyard experience.

Ideas/Concept for the product design: Inspired by a few things during this project. The movie called, Lucy, X-Men Days of future past, and wearable techs. I always have been fascinated with time, ley-line theory and electro-magnetic forces throughout the earth on the planetary grid. I believe this is now time travel would be possible in the future. This invention works on these principles to create a time riff along these ley-line locations. Time travel more possible during summer season, because of heat and tense thunderstorm generates more magnetic fields in order for this TIME device to tap into this amazing energy source throughout the planet. The wearable technology purpose is to guide, locate and link you back to your present time which you came. Without these devices, you wouldn’t be able to get back (keep them close at all times). Also, Foundry created nano-tech pill to enhance the user's brain activities to help them prepare for the trip as well. Product line, I wanted a sleek, modern and stylish look for the present time. Headset and wrist wear run on solar power, no problem within the ancient time of yesterday. The persona of the info ads are targeting toward entertainment, research and self-discovery. They are more as a teaser for users get more info with their smart devices when they scan them as they scroll down the street or browse a magazine… But in the real world this attraction will be nothing more than the chair in Total Recall (previous version) or holo-deck on Star Trek. That’s the reason this is Sci-Fi.

Creative Process: Well, the prime tool was Modo 801 with a little help from post-production tools like Photoshop/Fireworks. Since I used Modo once in a while every other year or so. I stuck with the old school of traditional modeling, UV mapping and texturing.

I hope you enjoy these creative eye candies :D If not, I will try much harder next time. Thanks once again for the opportunity!

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