MODO: Time Travel Challenge

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MODO: Time Travel Challenge
22 July 2014 - 24 September 2014

The year is 2055 and the impossible just became possible.

Galaxy-wide technology giant, The Foundry, called a press conference last night to announce a universe-changing product innovation due for release in 2 months time.

The new product, codenamed ‘TIME’, manipulates the spatial continuum and enables users to travel back and forth from one era to another, without any restrictions.

You are part of an inner circle that has been trusted by The Foundry with restricted additional information about this top secret project. You have exclusive knowledge of how this new invention works, what it looks like and what it’s capable of.

Your mission, is to convince the public that TIME will change their lives and that The Foundry is the only company that should be trusted with this type of significant leap in technology, before the competition attempts to counter strike.

You must use MODO 801 to visualize the product ‘TIME’ and/or create a consumer friendly advertisement to sell this groundbreaking technology to the masses.

You will be able to download an extended MODO 801 trial for the duration of the challenge and enter in one or more of the following categories:

- Product Design
- Print Advertising
- TV Advertising

If successful, the rewards will be great.

TIME is ticking. You have until 22nd September 2014 to submit.


Life changing prize pools
The total prize pool is worth a whopping $35,000 and includes prizes from NVIDIA, Wacom, Makerbot, Video Co-Pilot and more. Winners will also be featured in a variety of publications depending on the category they win.

High profile judges
Industry elite that will judge the contest include renowned creature designer, Neville Page, product designer, Harald Belker, President at Quirky, Doreen Lorenzo, digital illustrator, Tim Cooper as well as The Foundry’s own 3D evangelist, Brad Peebler.


All judging will be performed internally by the jury. First and foremost, submitted works will be judged on the strength of their emotive and narrative elements, with technical excellence as secondary criteria. Participating artists must demonstrate clarity of thought and emotion in their finished images.

Panel of Judges

  • Doreen Lorenzo

    Doreen Lorenzo

    Doreen Lorenzo is the president of community invention platform Quirky. She joined Quirky in October 2013 from frog design where she enjoyed an illustrious 16 year career. Doreen joined frog in 1997 and served as its President for seven years. She drove frog’s strategy, oversaw its worldwide operations, and was instrumental in taking it from a traditional design boutique to one of the world’s foremost global innovation firms.

    Doreen has also served as a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies, and has become an internationally recognized thought leader on innovation and design.

  • Brad Peebler

    Brad Peebler

    With over 20 years experience working in the CGI space, Brad started his career in technical support where he learned hands-on how important it is to be connected to the customer. Brad ran the 3D division at NewTek for several years before co-founding Luxology with Allen Hastings and Stuart Ferguson, where they created MODO.

    Brad is widely recognized as an industry thought leader and has spoken at numerous high-profile events including at Apple’s WWDC. He now heads up The Foundry’s US operations with a focus on expanding the reach of 3D technology into a wide range of industries.

  • Neville Page

    Neville Page

    British-American film and television creature and concept designer.

    Page has worked as a concept designer on films, including Watchmen, Star Trek, TRON: Legacy, Cloverfield, Avatar. Green Lantern, Prometheus and TRON: Legacy.

  • Harald Belker

    Harald Belker

    Harald is a force of nature in the area of automotive design. Having worked at Porsche and Mercedes Benz he got the opportunity to design the Batmobile for "Batman and Robin" and never looked back. Since then he has designed futuristic cars for "Minority Report", funny cars like the one in "Cat in the Hat", Light-cycles for "Tron Legacy”, hovering vehicles for "Total Rekall 2012" and more.

    He is currently the Head of product design for Anki, Inc. a consumer robotics

    start up company up in San Francisco and continues to design for Kaenon Sunglasse

  • Tim Cooper

    Tim Cooper

    Tim is a UK based 3D artist who works with global companies such as Harrods, Disney, Clinique and Victoria's Secret, along with creative individuals for more bespoke solutions. He creates imagery for both on and offline specialising in photo-real products, packaging and luxury goods imagery, working alongside designers and advertising agencies. Tim's 25 years experience as a digital illustrator/re-toucher and 3D artist has led him to work for top companies across the globe, creating imagery that often is questioned "so, am I right in thinking that's a photograph?".

  • David Sheldon-Hicks

    David Sheldon-Hicks

    Creative Director at Territory

    Having cut his teeth in graphics for digital media and music videos, David’s passion for craft and creative led him to film and gaming. As co-founder and Creative Director of Motion at London-based Territory, David’s multidisciplinary team thrives on future vision challenges.

    Film credits include devising and animating on-screen motion graphics UI and VFX concepts (treatments) for feature films including Jupiter Ascending, Guardians of the Galaxy, Zero Dark Thirty, Prometheus, Fast and Furious 6, The Dark Knight and Casino Royal. Trailer credits include Heroes and Generals, Hercules and Jack Ryan.

    Game credits include UI design, cutscenes, cinematics and trailers for titles including Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Medal of Honor, Forza, Killzone 3, Killzone:Mercenery and Little Big Planet.

    Digital credits include a series of promotional videos for Land Rover and the animated idents and graphic content on the new Vera entertainment channel running across Virgin Atlantic’s fleet.