MODO: Time Travel Challenge

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MODO: Time Travel Challenge
22 July 2014 - 24 September 2014

The year is 2055 and the impossible just became possible.

Galaxy-wide technology giant, The Foundry, called a press conference last night to announce a universe-changing product innovation due for release in 2 months time.

The new product, codenamed ‘TIME’, manipulates the spatial continuum and enables users to travel back and forth from one era to another, without any restrictions.

You are part of an inner circle that has been trusted by The Foundry with restricted additional information about this top secret project. You have exclusive knowledge of how this new invention works, what it looks like and what it’s capable of.

Your mission, is to convince the public that TIME will change their lives and that The Foundry is the only company that should be trusted with this type of significant leap in technology, before the competition attempts to counter strike.

You must use MODO 801 to visualize the product ‘TIME’ and/or create a consumer friendly advertisement to sell this groundbreaking technology to the masses.

You will be able to download an extended MODO 801 trial for the duration of the challenge and enter in one or more of the following categories:

- Product Design
- Print Advertising
- TV Advertising

If successful, the rewards will be great.

TIME is ticking. You have until 22nd September 2014 to submit.


Life changing prize pools
The total prize pool is worth a whopping $35,000 and includes prizes from NVIDIA, Wacom, Makerbot, Video Co-Pilot and more. Winners will also be featured in a variety of publications depending on the category they win.

High profile judges
Industry elite that will judge the contest include renowned creature designer, Neville Page, product designer, Harald Belker, President at Quirky, Doreen Lorenzo, digital illustrator, Tim Cooper as well as The Foundry’s own 3D evangelist, Brad Peebler.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Entrants must be 18 years or older, because some entries may contain adult themes.
  2. By entering the competition the entrant warrants that they are the sole copyright holder and indemnifies Ballistic Media and The Foundry from any subsequent claims that may arise regarding ownership, or any other claims that may impact upon the entered work.
  3. Multiple entries are permitted.
  4. Entrants are not permitted to enter works on behalf of any other individual or entity.
  5. All entries must use MODO as your main 3D application to create your entry, but other applications can be used to complete your project for texturing, compositing etc.
  6. All entries should be original and not a derivative of existing work, including works previously entered in this competition.
  7. At least two stages of Work in Progress, which clearly must be uploaded to the challenge pages.
  8. All entrants must be registered with CGTalk or CGSociety and agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions as described here.
  9. Entries should remain unpublished outside of CGSociety prior to the close of the challenge.
  10. Images must conform to nominal decency guidelines. Any image deemed to contain content that depicts violence, racial, political, religious, sexual or any other inflammatory material in an inappropriate manner may be disqualified and removed. Interpretation of what is, and is not, appropriate material is the sole discretion of Ballistic Media and/or its appointed agents.
  11. Neither Ballistic Media nor The Foundry will be held responsible for late entries for any reason whatsoever. It is the sole responsibility of the entrants to make reasonable allowances for upload times and to plan accordingly
  12. Entries will be judged on artistic and technical merit within the scope of the competition theme. The interpretation of these rules, the theme, artistic or technical merit of the work and any other consideration made by the judges is at the sole discretion of the judges.
  13. Judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  14. To be eligible for prizes, all winning entrants must provide accurate and reliable contact details. Ballistic Media will make all reasonable efforts to contact winners for a period of 7 calendar days after the completion of Judging. If a winner cannot be contacted within this period then they can be disqualified at the sole discretion of Ballistic Media.
  15. Any import taxes or duties on prizes must be paid by the prize winner. It is neither practically possible nor ethically reasonable for Ballistic Media or any of the sponsors to pay duties and taxes on behalf of a winner. Ballistic Media and sponsors will not make false valuation claims to assist winners from evading any applicable duties and taxes.
  16. The winners grant Ballistic Media and The Foundry rights to use the entrants name, imprimatur and likeness in conjunction with the use of their entered works in any media..
  17. The entrant indemnifies Ballistic Media, The Foundry against any claims or indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages from any party that may arise from any use, including but not limited to, publication of entry materials submitted as a part of, or in association with the challenge.
  18. The winners grant Ballistic Media and The Foundry first right to publish their submitted work in any media.
  19. Entrants commit to notify Ballistic Media in writing at least one week prior to the publication of their work in any media.
  20. All artwork that is entered by the deadline is final; it cannot be removed or changed after this point. Ballistic Media will not return any material submitted or alter any entry.
  21. The judges have sole discretion in the interpretation and enforcement of rules, including but not limited to suspension of categories and entrants.
  22. It is the entrant's responsibility to ensure compliance with all rules. Disqualification of any entrant is not reflected in any public change of status or alteration of their entry.
  23. There is no agreement or contract between the artist and Ballistic Media. The artist assumes all responsibility and costs for delivering images and other required information to the Publisher for consideration in the competition.
  24. Ballistic Media reserves the right to suspend, shorten, modify or cancel the challenge at its sole discretion.
  25. There is no chance component in the selection of winning entries. Winning entries will be chosen solely on the skill exhibited by the entrants as determined by the judges.
  26. Ballistic Media will take reasonable measures to ensure the security of entries and information supplied to them. In no event shall Ballistic Media be liable to any party, for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the loss of images and data supplied, even if Ballistic Media has been advised of the possibility of such loss and damages.
  27. Employees and relatives of Ballistic Media staff or The Foundry cannot compete in the Challenge.
  28. Challenge judges cannot compete in the Challenge.
  29. Other than the rights assigned in the preceding clauses entrants retain copyright of all entered materials and are free to use said materials for personal promotions.
  30. The winners grant The Foundry Group unlimited, non-exclusive permission to use the winning artwork for promotional purposes in any media. In such circumstances The Foundry will notify the artist and will publish full and correct credit for the artist that will appear with any reproduction of the winning artwork
  31. This list of terms and conditions constitutes the complete and exclusive statement of the terms and conditions and supersedes any prior terms and conditions, oral or written, and any other communications relating to these terms and conditions.