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by cgworks | 13 July 2011


The Latin word "carpus" is derived from the Greek word "karpos" meaning wrist.

Having in mind the new tech that will arrive to consumer oriented products in the next decade , such as flexible oled screens , shape memory materials , solar power... and with a bit of imagination this is what i came up with

my own version of a wrist smartphone, that has a modern yet a minimalistic approach. And with the carpus projector module , simply remove carpus from your wrist and attach it to the projector module , instantly whatever is being displayed in carpus is projected onto your wall !


Display : flexible oled touch screen with full HD and solar absorption capabilities that help improve power autonomy between charges

BODY : shape memory polymer

CONNECTIVITY : Bluetooth , wi-fi , GPS , tri-band

CAMERA : 20 megapixels

VIDEO : full HD at 120 - 60 - 30 - 25 and 24 fps

PROJECTOR MODULE : support up to 1080p maximum resolution and up to 100 inch screen

Hope you like it !

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