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nPower Software is a division of IntegrityWare, Inc. ( which markets the technology developed by IntegrityWare in the end-user graphics plug-in market. Our SOLIDS++ modeling kernel enables us to offer both unique and very powerful solutions typically not available in this market.

nPower Software empowers 3D artists, designers and engineers by connecting end users with advanced technology tools. nPower Software builds unique solutions based on proprietary technology. We focus on providing tools to facilitate creativity, simplify design processes, improve ease of use, and reduce design time and cycles. nPower Software's product offerings currently include plug-ins for 3ds max, Rhino and Maya. Power Booleans bring powerful polygonal Booleans to Max users, with improved ease of use, better quality mesh generation, superior reliability and accurate results. Power Booleans became so popular that Autodesk licensed it for inclusion in the base 3ds Max product. Power Solids and Power Translators introduce precision solids and surface modeling technology to 3ds Max (including precise NURBS-based Booleans, filleting, CAD data exchange, etc.). nPower Software is committed to improving customer productivity and creativity by providing them with advanced technology tools.

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