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Since 2005 Rocketbox Libraries are known in the 3D industry for high quality stock 3d models and animations, with a strong specialization on realtime characters and animations.

We do not sell all sorts of 3d models, and we do not resell models from other vendors. We offer our own creations only - this way be can be 100% sure that our assets live up to their promise and have a consistent professional standard. Our customers are from many different areas, like Game Development, Architecture, VR, Medical, Visualization, Film, etc.

Now what is different compared to other stock models?

First of all everything is custom made to fit together perfectly. Apart from creating great looking arts, our main goal is to avoid any hassle and stumbling blocks when our clients put our assets into their graphics engines or scenes. Characters and animations are built in standardized systems that make sense for a developer: for example all animations that belong to a package fit to the character sets without any need for adjustment. Animations start and end in preset poses, that are consistent for the animation sets.

3d models and bone skeletons are optimized as much as possible to keep render times low. Unneccessarily high densities of polygons in areas that are not contributing to the visuals are avoided.

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