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Pulldownit plugin started in 2009 as a project to demolish digitally the "Acueducto of Segovia ( Spain)" in a realistic and credible way without using real models at all. This was a great challenge, Carlos Pegar developped the solver and Pedro Ivan de Frias built the whole structure in 3D with more than 4000 diferent blocks, after a few months the shot was done and published in internet, having an unexpected impact in social networks.

Thinkinetic brand was created after that to offer digitals tools and simulation services to the motion graphics industry. Pulldownit plugin is now available for 3D Max and Maya in Windows, Macos and Linux systems and has been used in many productions all around the world.

Our project is only possible with the contribution of some clever people. Jose Garcia head of marketing, Esteban Cuesta at support & quality and Oscar Martinez developing our web site, we specially thanks Alvaro Bodalo who has designed our nice logo and Andres de Mingo who has made several great clips for us. We hope you appreciate our technology and continue growing as a company providing digital tools for the 3D community.

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