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by abaozi | 11 January 2013


In AD 642, Bonze Tang and his three apprentices go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures via Bai Huling, where Wukong is banished because he kills Bai Gujing. Wukong gets angry and goes to Mountain Huoyan, whose was formed by fire Sanweizhenhuo from Taishanlaojun’s alchemy furnace. It is said that Sanweizhenhuo can melt Wukong’s straitjacket on his head. Wukong gets hesitate that he should continue the pilgrimage or return to be free and independent. At this time, there is a voice coming from Wukong’s heart telling him to destroy the straightjacket for ten reasons. Here are they :

1) It disrupts my hair and it is not pure gold besides

2) The straitjacket was put on my head because I was cheated by Bonze Tang and Bodhisattva collusively;

3) It would be much easier to vanquish demons and monsters during the pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures if there is no straitjacket on my head;

4) I can fly to the heaven and get the Buddhist scriptures easily and would not walk so difficultly or get hindered by 81 monsters if there is no straitjacket;

5) Each time Bonze Tang incants, the straitjacket makes my head painful so heavily and makes me miserable

6) All fo my remorse, wronged, anxiety, anger, helplessness, despair and helplessness are because of the straitjacket;

7) I can transform to so many forms easily and got to heaven or into ground freely, but the straitjacket makes them meaningless and makes me swallow my anger and have to make concession;

8) The straitjacket is really powerful, as if not destroyed, Bonze Tang will use it to control others;

9) Even 100,000 soldiers from the heaven cannot handle me at all, how can this small gadget;

10) I will make the sky not cover my eyes and make the ground not bury my heart any longer

Then Wukong collects all his strength and remove the straitjacket from his head with the help of Sanwiezhenhuo. With the straitjacket on his hand, Wukong Sun,the Monkey King gets reborn again. The human World, the devil world and the fairy world gets shocked: a new era with new order has come!

The above is the background story, I hope you like it!

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