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by supersocks | 10 January 2013

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This is our final entry for the TEN CGChallenge XXVII!

"Birthdeus X" was a 2 month labour of love for team supersocks:

Tracy Grant (Production Manager)

Mark Rodziewicz (Rendering/Lighting/compositing)

Dei G. (DEISIGN) (Art Direction / Character Design)

Tory Miles (Matte Painting/Exterior Set Design, Prop Modelling, Texturing)

Derian McCrea (Interior Set Design/Modelling & Prop Modelling, Texturing)

Siting Liu (Rigging)

Jeff Tran (Rigging , Animation)

Joe Gearing (Animation)

Andrew Parnell (Animation)

Paul Halasa (Animation)

Paul Capon (Writing)

Mack Carruthers (Animation, Storyboards, Animatic, writing Direction)

Super Sonics Audio Post Production (Post Audio)

Software Used:

Autodesk Maya, Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, mudbox.

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