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by yu | 11 January 2013

Milestone Final Image



The concept describes a moment in a girl’s life who met herself after ten years.

“That day, it was snowing and my heart was cold. I ran away from my orphanage in a hope in search of answers for a lot of unanswered questions; where are my parents? Where am I from?

But the most bothering question was ‘Why am I here?’

I had no hopes from life. I had no vision of the future. All I had was questions. I pondered aimlessly on the cold streets covered with snow. Pondering, I had reached the stairs opposite the Clock tower. The time was 10.

On the stairs, I saw a dog digging the snow. Maybe he was hungry. I saw, he was also alone in this world as me. I sat on the stairs feeding the dog and I heard a soothing voice.

‘Hi fenny, Happy Birthday!’

It was a ladies voice. I turned towards her and she stood smiling at me holding her dog with a beautiful umbrella. She looked so familiar to me but I couldn’t recognise her clearly.

She sat next to me on the stairs and she talked with me for some time. She knew so much about me. I wondered who she was? I was excited too. For the first time in my life I had met someone who knew so much about me. I felt like she was someone very much like me. She was so charming and beautiful.

Than we silenced for a few seconds and she stood up. She handed me her umbrella and she started walking away with her dog. I was curious to know who she was so I simply asked her,’ Who are you?’

She turned towards me with a smile and looking into my eyes directly she said,’ I am you 10 years later.’

I couldn’t believe what she said. It was impossible. She left me mesmerised and kept walking. I didn’t know what to say. I kept my eyes on her as she faded in the snow. Soon I lost her sight and what I could see what white snow everywhere.

(Artwork from Michaelkutsche 'Astronauts' I used as a reference.)

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