CGChallenge XXVII: TEN

CGChallenge XXVII: TEN
11 October 2012 - 11 January 2013

CGSociety is celebrating our first ten years as the premier site for CG artists worldwide. As part of the celebration we challenge you to incorporate the number ten into an image or video, whether literally or symbolically.

It could be a child counting to 10 for the first time, a parody of the movie 10, a play on words (tentacles, tenacious, tenant), the Ten commandments, ten minutes to save the world, remember when you were ten (imaginary friends, bullies, nightmares, dreams for the future), what happened ten years ago, the power of ten.

It could be 2D or 3D, image or video, and produced on any software. Make it hilarious or make it epic, just make sure it cleverly adds the number, idea, word or symbol of ten. It is CGChallenge XXVII, and it’s going to be big!


All judging will be performed internally by the jury. First and foremost, submitted works will be judged on the strength of their emotive and narrative elements, with technical excellence as secondary criteria. Participating artists must demonstrate clarity of thought and emotion in their finished images.

Panel of Judges

  • Daniel Hornick

    Daniel Hornick

    Daniel Hornick has 18 years experience in the television, feature film and video game industries. Today as 3D Director of RenderLife, Daniel has applied his artistic talents to various productions including the Academy Award winning short animation 'Ryan' and the Academy nominated feature film 'Avatar'.

  • Ziv Qual

    Ziv Qual

    Ziv Qual has been inspired by CG ever since at the age of 15, he found 3ds Max. He slowly built a portfolio that enabled him to start as a professional as soon as he was old enough to work. His first job was as a texture/lighting artist on a feature film at DPSI, the biggest studio in Israel at the time. Ziv also participated in the CGChallenge 'Spectacular' and won the Grand Prize with his work 'Rage over Babylon'. Today, Ziv is the 3D department manager of the MDsimulation Studio. He also teaches 3D at Shenkar, a high-end design school which luckily for him is walking distance from his studio.

  • Steven Stahlberg

    Steven Stahlberg

    Steven Stahlberg is Senior 3D artist at CCP North America. He is internationally acknowledged as a world class digital artist and was the first artist to have a virtual character sponsored by a major modeling agency (1999). Steven's Game credits include: Army Men, Conquest, Freelancer, Need for Speed, Eragon, Def Jam, Sims 3, Heavy Rain, Tabula Rasa, Reich, EVE Online. Steven was born in Adelaide on the tenth of October at 10:10am.

  • Pascal Blanche

    Pascal Blanche

    Pascal was involved in organizing the very first CGChallenge on CGTalk/CGSociety. As Art Director at Ubisoft Montreal, he worked on 'Myst IV Revelation', for Wizards of the Coast, Autodesk, Funcom, Microsoft, and made several book covers. Pascal is now working on the biggest MMO browser game, 'Runescape' for Jagex.

  • Mark Snoswell

    Mark Snoswell

    Dr Mark Snoswell is President of The CGSociety and founder of Ballistic Media. His diverse range of experiences include: development of Absolute Character Tools (; development of The Ultimate Human Model set; film production work for Disney and Warner Brothers; production work for National Geographic; and teaching graphic design, 3ds Max and Painter.

  • Lorne Lanning

    Lorne Lanning

    Lorne Lanning's Oddworld Inhabitants has sold nearly six million copies and garnered dozens of awards not only from the game industry, but also from the music, television, and film industries - as well as illustration & design annuals. In 2010 Lorne co-founded Xmobb with Sherry McKenna. The company’s focus is bringing a 'live social dimension' to the online media landscape.

  • Leigh van der Byl

    Leigh van der Byl

    Leigh has been painting texture maps in the visual effects industry since 2001. With countless TV commercials and almost 30 Hollywood features to her name, she's been around the texture software block more than a few times, and has become an avid fan of Mari for her own daily work. Her most recent projects include Alfonso Cuaron's acclaimed Gravity, as well as upcoming Disney fantasy film Maleficent and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In addition to her VFX work, she also teaches texturing online and works professionally as a photographer in the world of heavy metal. Her website is

  • Krishnamurti Costa

    Krishnamurti Costa

    Krishnamurti Costa, aka 'Antropus' was born in Brazil and began nurturing an interest in computer graphics as a teenager using an Amiga computer. By 1993, he produced his first 3D models on a DX2 66Mhz PC, using 3D Studio 3.0 for DOS.

    Senior Digital Artist at ILM since 2008, Kris' film career ranges from 'Pan’s Labyrinth' to 'Rango' and from the last two 'Transformers' movies to the acclaimed 'The Avengers". Antropus has wins in three CGSociety CGChallenges: the 3D grand prize in both MachineFlesh 2004 and Master & Servant 2005, also winning as best modeler in the latest B-Movie Challenge.

  • Jeff Mottle

    Jeff Mottle

    Jeff Mottle is the CEO and owner of the leading online magazine for the architectural computer graphics industry – CGarchitect. He has over 14 years of experience in the architecture industry, 11 of which have been directly related to the architectural 3D computer graphics and design visualization industry. He regularly runs industry competitions and industry awards, writes editorial, perform market research and analysis and speaks at events around the globe. In addition to founding CGarchitect, Jeff also co-founded the CGschool, the only school to cater exclusively to architectural visualization professionals.

  • Christopher Sloan

    Christopher Sloan

    Christopher Sloan is an award-winning art director and author who specializes in bringing science to life visually for diverse audiences. Mr. Sloan worked with National Geographic Magazine from 1992 to 2010 as Art Director and Senior Editor. During this time he played a key role in many popular cover stories, such as Dawn of Humans, Neanderthals, Evolution of Mammals, Sea Monsters, Rise and Fall of the Maya, Bizarre Dinosaurs, and Secrets of Stonehenge. Mr. Sloan launched Science Visualization, Inc. in 2010 as a way of integrating visual approaches to science in multiple platforms, including film, exhibits, and digital media.

  • Brom


    Over the past decades, Brom has lent his distinctive vision to all facets of the creative industries, from novels and games, to comics and film. He is the author of a series of award-winning illustrated horror novels: Krampus the Yule Lord, The Child Thief, The Plucker, and The Devil’s Rose. Brom is currently kept in a dank cellar somewhere just outside of Seattle. Visit him at

  • Alex Morris

    Alex Morris

    Alex has been creating artwork and illustrations for the architectural market for the last 20 years. During this time, he has produced and overseen the production of over 1,200 images on more than 200 projects including landmark images of the Millennium Dome, Tate Modern, Chiswick Park, Grimercy Park North and 40 Bond Street.

  • Alexander Preuss

    Alexander Preuss

    Alexander Preuss owes a lot of his career to EgoSoft Game Studio. He was an illustrator at Centipede Press and Subterranean Press and was Art Director at Image Arts GmbH but the X-Rebirth game project at EgoSoft Games is his baby. Winning the Grand Space Opera CGChallenge was also a cool moment for him.

  • DeHong He

    DeHong He

    DeHong He harks from China and is working in Singapore at the present time on games. He has worked in the game industry for eight years and has created several 2D and 3D MMORPG games for the Chinese market. He's main focus is on the improvement and management of concept art and 3D art assets. DeHong He was also the winner of the CGChallenge XIX - The Journey Begins.