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Final Image - Visteon Challenge

by Thinkyogurt | 20 May 2014

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I think this is one of the most difficult work that i ever produced… like pipeline I mean..but in the end I have deliver it. :)

I think at a dashboard fully touch that can utilize a combination of different newborn tecnologies present certainly in our future .

I think a car of a future not very far from us, a car able to drive itself ( rif . VolvoDriveMe ) and enable to live the trip in a different way.

Able tu use the face recognition tecnologies for understand who come in and therefore suggest different itineraries depending on hour, day of the week and scheduled appointments (rif. face recognition tecnologies ).

It interact vocally with the dashboard and process requests directly with the voice (rif. Siri or Cortana)

The dashboard produce data and information about the road and the travel . Provides information on arrival analyzing information and intersecting data draw alternatives.

Use olograms (rif. ZebraImaging ) with the leap tecnology ( rif. L.E.A.P. Motion tecnology )

The work life start immediately without wait to arrive in office always connect with internet and your work (rif. Google Drive )

Your music and your playlist everywhere and a totally personalized interface .

Temperature, light and humidity controlled for individual user. the system recognizing the ambient light and adjust the light to maintain a constant brightness.

Connected with everyone. with phone, chat, video messages and a chance to see who is near you (rif. Apple Find my Friend App ).

A protective coating makes it resistant to impact, scratches and liquids (rif. Gorilla Glass

Visually impaired and blind can also travel alone in their car if the dashboard allows them to insert and read data via the braeille (rif.

Some other information.

Realized with:

Autodesk Maya 2013 and Maya Renderer

Otoy Octan render

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe After Effect CS6

Adobe PremiereCS6

Audio record and play with:


Adobe Premiere CS6

Final Image Milestone

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