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Work In Progress - Visteon Challenge

by adib | 19 May 2014

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this is my final entry.

RD- C Sport Sedan Concept

is a car with a hybrid engine.All the interface and actions of the engine is based on an AI that knows the driver's voice and can detect even the state in which the driver is . The car is equipped with oled display panel instrument cluster and navigation through glass display . The front panel of the driver can also access media and phone wich is connected via bluetoot . All the sign and graphic intsrument cluster are simple and intuitive. The gears are automatically adjusted depending on road conditions and speed cruise. Navigation can also alert any traffic jams with traffic scan distance for 5 km . Driver seat contains sensors that continuously analyzes his condition and health. AI detect a possible early collision. There is also a front glass display who shows important traffic alert signs or any accidents. Right front passenger also has a 7-inch touchscreen display that can easily access media and the Internet . Back passengers have a center console for command back touchscreen displays . For each passenger there bluetoot headphones so everyone had his connectivity .The body of the car is carbon fiber and aluminum chassis and steering module . In case of accident AI call emergency service and give them the car's coordinates.

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