Visteon: Driving Innovation Challenge

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Visteon: Driving Innovation Challenge
18 February 2014 - 20 May 2014

Visteon, a leading supplier of electronics in the automotive industry, and CGSociety are challenging the world’s digital artists to design the future of the in-vehicle user experience. We are looking for something that will revolutionize the way we interact with the vehicles that we drive. Visteon is dedicated to being a market leader, and wants to create the best solutions for its customers. To achieve this goal, Visteon continually strives to not only work with the newest and best technology, but to apply this technology in novel ways that address the needs of consumers. This is your chance to work with an industry leader to imagine, innovate, and help create the future experiences that drivers will enjoy.

To address this challenge, we are looking for:
- A revolutionary design for a user interface or menu structure
- A revolutionary user experience for the driver of a vehicle
- A revolutionary way that users can better interact with the features in their vehicle while operating it

As a minimum requirement, artists must create an interface that enables the user to interact with information on one or more displays in the vehicle. These displays can be located in traditional or non-traditional areas, and they can use traditional or non-traditional technology. The key is that the method of interaction that is created is unique, innovative, and improves the experience of consumers in vehicles. At a minimum, the following information must be available for the driver:
- Speedometer
- Fuel gauge
- Navigation/route information
- Radio/music selection and operation
- Climate controls

Beyond the minimum requirements, artists are free to show any additional information and use cases that they desire.

The method used to convey the concept can be any or all of the following:
- Screenshots
- Concept art that fleshes out the entire menu system
- A fully- or partially-working and coded UI system
- A video that shows, describes, and/or demonstrates the concept

To qualify for the grand prize, artists must create a cockpit concept (however they want to show it) that illustrates how the cockpit would look, including: what the dashboard looks like, how functions are interacted with, how information is presented to the user, and how the user would interact with the system.


All judging will be performed internally by the jury. First and foremost, submitted works will be judged on the strength of their emotive and narrative elements, with technical excellence as secondary criteria. Participating artists must demonstrate clarity of thought and emotion in their finished images.

Panel of Judges

  • Syd Mead

    Syd Mead

    Syd Mead is one of the most celebrated concept designers of our time, having been responsible for many memorable designs from feature films to interiors and even toys. His most well-known works include production designs for Blade Runner, TRON, Aliens and 2010, the pivotal science fiction movies that got many budding visual effects artists inspired to enter professional careers in this field.

  • Kemp Remillard

    Kemp Remillard

    Senior Concept Artist at Massive Black, SAN FRANCISCO

    Kemp Remillard studied Graphic Design in Athens, GA before discovering you could make a career out of drawing things you make up. So after school he moved out to California to do a brief stint On the Game ‘Lair’ with Factor 5. Shortly after, he joined Massive Black as a Concept Artist in 2005. Since then, he’s had the pleasure of working with such clients as: Nintendo, Sega, Sony, EA, Riot Games, CCP, NCsoft, Hasbro, MTV, Playboy, Nestle, Guerilla Games, Volition, THQ, Konami, Suckerpunch, Fox Sports and and many others..

    Kemp is most well known for designing the tanks in Red Faction: Guerilla, the dropship in Killzone 2, some robots in Transformers 2 and for editing and directing Massive Black: Vol 1 & 2.

  • Royce Channey

    Royce Channey

    Royce Channey is a Senior Experience Designer for Visteon's Global Innovation studio. Mr. Channey is responsible for synthesizing research and design vision into engaging concepts that represent the future of the automotive user experience.

    Royce has been an integral part of Visteon's design team and been responsible for advanced thinking since his career began more than 15 years ago. Royce's keen focus on innovation has earned him multiple patents in areas ranging from advanced automotive switches to wireless charging. In addition Mr. Channey and has been recognized for his accomplishments in design as the first ever automotive designer to be recognized with a Rising Star award by the Detroit chapter of FGI, the globally recognized fashion authority on the businesses of fashion and design. Royce Channey holds a BFA focusing on transportation design as an esteemed graduate of The College for Creative Studies in Detroit MI.

  • T.C. Wingrove

    T.C. Wingrove

    As senior manager of the global electronics innovation organization for Visteon Corporation, T.C. Wingrove is responsible for leading a global team, which includes program managers, engineers, designers and human-machine interface (HMI) experts. This team develops new product concepts and intellectual property, creates vehicle and product prototypes, and commercializes “quick-to-market” products.

    T.C. brings more than 15 years of automotive experience to this role. During this time, his teams have initiated more than 50 new product concepts and driven hundreds of sales engagements by providing unique consumer-focused market research, trend information and technical demonstrations. He has been granted ten patents in areas such as: wireless power transfer, display replication, vehicle input devices, and remote vehicle HMI customization. Additionally, his creative approach has led to product placement on both local and national television shows, including an MTV reality show.

    T.C. has a bachelor of science in industrial and operations engineering degree from the University of Michigan and a master of science in management degree from Purdue University.

  • Kyle Entsmiger

    Kyle Entsmiger

    Kyle is an Innovation Manager in Visteon’s Innovation Department. In his 15+ year experience he has worked in different industries ranging from the Visual Effects Industry working on such movies as “Exorcism of Emily Rose”, “Chronicles of Riddick”, “Constantine”, and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”; to owning his own studio in the Video Game Industry, Perpetual FX Creative, releasing such games as “Mindcrime” (Android game advertising for the movie Inception), “Alien Monster Bowling League” (Wii) and “Rocket Racing League” (iPhone).

    Working at Visteon, Kyle is dedicated to making the next and newest technology in the Automotive industry, creating next gen and cutting edge graphics, implementing tool chains, and using skills acquired from his previous industries experience to push the automotive Industry into the Future.