V-Ray Anniversary Challenge: A Decisive Moment

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V-Ray Anniversary Challenge: A Decisive Moment
14 May 2012 - 16 July 2012

“The decisive moment, it is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as the precise organization of forms which gives that event its proper expression.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

A decisive moment is the split second when everything changes. It could be an instant from history that altered everything on Earth. Or a pivotal point in time that changed you personally. Perhaps a knockout punch in a heavy weight championship. The last block placed on the Pyramids. The first human step on the moon. A gunshot, a wrong step, or a glance, the decisive moment when fate propelled the world to greatness or drove it to the point of destruction.

The Chaos Group and CGSociety invite you to create an image to tell that story. Using any application to model and V-Ray to render, we want you to illustrate a blink-of-an-eye moment that changed the world. A moment that changed the big picture or had an impact on a person’s life. All industries using V-Ray can fit into the Challenge theme and are welcome to participate.

Click here for more information about V-Ray's 10th anniversary.

Final beauty image - rendered in V-Ray
At least two stages of Work in Progress, which must be uploaded to the challenge pages


All judging will be performed internally by the jury. First and foremost, submitted works will be judged on the strength of their emotive and narrative elements, with technical excellence as secondary criteria. Participating artists must demonstrate clarity of thought and emotion in their finished images.

Panel of Judges

  • Daniel Buck

    Daniel Buck

    Daniel Buck has been working as a visual effects artist on commercials and feature films in Los Angeles since 2005.  His area of work in visual effects has ranged from modeling and texturing, to lighting, rendering and compositing, to on-set photography for HDR capturing and photogrammetry. Before working as a visual effects artist, Daniel used V-Ray to visualize CAD designs for motorcycle parts and furniture designs.  His passion for automobiles and photography were combined when he took his first job in the visual effects industry as a CG lighter using V-Ray to render vehicles for car commercials. Daniel has been using V-Ray since some of it’s earlier public stages, and continues to enjoy using it on all the projects he works on.

  • Gus Capote

    Gus Capote

    With over 12 years of 3D visualisation experience, Gus leads GC-VFXs, a new 3D creative and Visual effects boutique. Gus is a former Art Director at Neoscape and has technically and creatively directed stunning visualization films and imagery for big names such as Zaha Hadid Architects, KPF, Eric Parry, Gensler, HOK, Foster + Partners, Disney, Crystal CG, BDP and Autodesk. Gus is also an Autodesk 3ds Max Master.

  • Jeff Mottle

    Jeff Mottle

    Jeff Mottle is the CEO and owner of the leading online magazine for the architectural computer graphics industry – CGarchitect. He has over 14 years of experience in the architecture industry, 11 of which have been directly related to the architectural 3D computer graphics and design visualization industry. He regularly runs industry competitions and industry awards, writes editorial, perform market research and analysis and speaks at events around the globe. In addition to founding CGarchitect, Jeff also co-founded the CGschool, the only school to cater exclusively to architectural visualization professionals.

  • Lon Grohs

    Lon Grohs

    With over 15 years experience in architecture and architectural visualization, Lon is an award winning artist and animator. Previously, Lon was Creative Director and Principal for the internationally renowned architectural visualization studio, Neoscape, and an Adjunct Professor at the Boston Architectural College. Lon is a recent addition to the Chaos Group executive team, overseeing the expanding US operations as the firm's Vice President of Business Development. Lon works closely with Chaos Group partners and customers, developing strategic market initiatives and promoting advancements in rendering technology.

  • Paul Hellard

    Paul Hellard

    Paul Hellard has worked in the visual arts for 30 years. Taking to photography and camera operation in newspapers, TV and movies as the medium moved from analogue into digital, he has a wide understanding of where the visual medium is heading. He moved into covering that active industry in magazines and now watches even more closely with Ballistic Media in our books and on the web. Paul Hellard is editor of CGSociety.

  • Scott Metzger

    Scott Metzger

    Scott Metzger is currently the Digital Effects Supervisor for production on the feature film Beautiful Creatures. In the past Scott has spent time working at many different VFX houses in LA including Method Studios, Digital Domain, Hydraulx, Psyop, and COPA to name a few. V-Ray, Mari, Nuke, and Maya are his specialty 3D/2D combo packages of choice. Coming to LA in 2000 was a one month trial to make it or break it working for the Strause brothers and he's been there ever since.

  • Rob Nederhorst

    Rob Nederhorst

    Robert Nederhorst's career in VFX began at Digital Domain. Moving to Sway Studios as VFX Supervisor he was nominated for a ‘Best Compositing in a Commercial’ award by the VES for his work on a set of Djarum Mezzo commercials for Joseph Kosinski. Robert moved to ReelFX as VFX Supervisor where he worked on projects for clients such as SunnyD, Toyota, Schiff, Fidelity, Ferrari, Paul Mitchell, and a theatrical spot for Coke/AMC which is in theaters all across the USA and was nominated for a VES Award for Best Created Environment.  He left Radium/ReelFX for a VFX Supervisor position at Svengali FX.  At Svengali he worked on Iron Man 2, The Last Airbender, and Priest. Rob’s status has offered him work on Thor, Captain America, as well as serving as Stereographer on Spy Kids 4.

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